Our Russian hair is considered to be one of the finest textured hair types available

Flat tip® (pre bonded)

We use only the finest quality Italian super strong hold keratin which is anti-allergic. 12+months estimated life span using correct after-care.  60 X 0.8/0.9 gram strands, fully double-drawn.


55 Gram Wefts - Super double drawn with ‘Multi-tonal Adapting Colour System’ blends seamlessly with natural hair.

Long Lasting

12+ Month Estimated Lifespan (using correct & recommended after-care)

Mini Tips®

(for use with copper tubes/micro rings) pure Russian hair is Sourced from the southern regions of Russia Using Memory Tip® technology. 60 X 0.8/0.9 gram strands, fully double-drawn.

Nano Tip®

Each pack contains 50 strands of 1.1 gram super double-drawn hair with our ‘Multi-tonal Adapting Colour System’.

The Quality

Tangle and shed free, we believe this hair to be the finest in the world


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